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Classic Latin term meaning safety, health, wellness, well-being, wholeness, security


Our advisory team has over 50 years of experience in occupational safety and health, environmental, insurance, and risk management.  With strong ties to trade associations and regulatory bodies, we remain at the cutting edge of our industry.


​We offer professional consulting services that help your company develop and improve its occupational safety and health.  Our aim is to help you create a positive safety culture within your firm that is driven by the employees, which translates to collective loss prevention.


You may visit the risk management/loss prevention links on our Resources page, which may be helpful to your company.  We are affiliated with several of the organizations and participate in a number of committees locally, regionally, and nationally.



Companies often treat safety, quality, and productivity as separate elements, but our focus is to help businesses view these collectively as a unified concept and train their employees in this manner.


These three elements should not be competing components.  We can help you develop and enact strategies to blend these components together to improve your company's overall performance and to increase your bottom line. 

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