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Many companies only dream of an injury-free and illness-free work environment.  We help make it happen.
Safety Manual & Program


Your firm's safety manual or program is a living document that will undergo changes as you continue to develop new policies and procedures for your operations.

We help you assess your workplace and help you develop programs and policies that address the potential hazards and unsafe conditions that your employees may encounter.  We will help you create and implement a solid accident prevent plan and comprehensive safety manual.  We can build on what you may currently have in place or start from scratch.   

Safety Training & Education


The safety process is an actively growing element within a company that must meet the challenges and conditions faced by the employees in the workplace. Safety training and education will be ongoing and regular throughout the career of an employee.


Whether it is just a simple refresher course or an extensive, thorough training on a given topic, we provide high level education with practical hands-on demonstrations and object lessons that make an impact on the worker, which helps improve learning and subject matter retention. 

Safety Inspections & Audits


Recognition of workplace hazards and the subsequent elimination or abatement of them is a fundamental part of protecting workers.  We help workers identify hazards and advise them to take corrective action to mitigate such risks.

We use these occurrences as teaching moments to reinforce safety principles and further educate workers of the issues at hand and ways to help safeguard them and their coworkers.  After an inspection or audit, we prepare a quality, custom report for your records. 

Incident Investigation


Determining the causes or actions that led to an incident is necessary in order to prevent a recurrance of that given type of incident or a similar one.  


Several Department of Labor studies have shown that the majority of incidents, approximately 90%, are caused by unsafe acts of workers rather than unsafe conditions caused by the employer.  


We can help you identify the causes of your workplace incidents and help you implement measures to avoid repeated cases.  The findings of an investigation can serve as invaluable lessons learned for the rest of your staff.

Risk Management & Loss Prevention


Besides just complying with regulations regarding workplace safety and health, a risk assessment is a vital step in protecting your employees.


We also address security measures.  By performing a Crime Prevention Assessment, we can help you identify some basic security measures that can be taken to help decrease the likelihood of criminal activities and threats.

Health & Wellness


It should not come as a surprise that healthy, physically fit workers have a far greater ability to avoid workplace injuries and illnesses than unhealthy, out-of-shape workers.  We encourage folks to live healthy lifestyles by following some basic guidelines set forth by the American Heart Association (AHA), the Center for Disease Control (CDC), and the National Institute of Health (NIH).


You may visit their respective websites on our Resources page.

Workplace Transportation


Whether needed for general transport around the workplace or to shuttle around people for a given project or event, we can provide custom golf carts for purchase.

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